We Are Team Aspect

We are GREATER than the sum of our parts. We PUSH each other. We INSPIRE each other.
We NEVER BACK DOWN from a challenge. And we always swing for the fences.

We treat every project like a game-changer. We BELIEVE our clients are part of our team.
We solve the hard problems TOGETHER. We don’t leave anyone on the sidelines. We all win when one of us wins.

We choose taquitos for every pregame meal. We don’t do victory parades, we do happy hours.
We shoot nerf guns first and ask questions later. We are reigning cornhole champions.

We COMPETE every single day.
We GO BIG. Every damn time.
And we never stop CHANGING THE GAME.

Meet the Team

Lisa Feldman

Nati Braunstein

Jason Chappelle

Jon Berkowitz
Creative Director

David Wilson
Executive Producer
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Ryan Vickers
Creative Director
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Dougal Strachan
Head of Digital

Kyle Gascho
Director of Operations

Kate Thomas
Executive Director of Culture

Kelsey Dupper
Creative Director

Lauren Hutchinson
Creative Director

Steve Harris
Creative Director

David O'Rourke
Head Copywriter

Pete Hasty
VP of Music

Mark Futa
Director of Post Production

Melissa Sandoval
Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Niford
Head of I.T.

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This #BreastCancerAwareness month, Team Aspect is reminding you to #ThinkPink and get yourself checked!
For Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re kicking off a series of employee highlights as they share the first time they felt represented in media!
Meet Gerardo (He/Him), our remarkable Graphics and Games Coordinator. The first time he felt seen was on the animated series, “Maya and Miguel,” a children’s show that featured a diverse group of characters, and emphasized education, family, language, and cultures. #HappyHispanicHeritageMonth
Shana Tovah and Happy New Year from everyone at #TeamAspect!

Did you know that Aspect is the longest standing trailer vendor in the business? To celebrate our rich history, we're starting a new series called Aspect Archives where we will share some of our most memorable and iconic work throughout the years!

To kick off a new school year, we’re taking a walk down memory lane with this classic. Boot up your closet computer, sharpen those fuzzy pencils, and feel the nostalgia with our trailer for Clueless released in 1995!
a: Dig
Discover what is buried below with Thomas Jay and Emile Hirsch in this new thriller from @sabanfilms. See it in theaters, on digital and on demand today! #Teamaspect
a: Lightyear
We had a blast working with our partners at @disney on this home entertainment campaign. Get Lightyear on Blu-ray and Digital now! #teamaspect
a: Strange World 

Strange is just the beginning in the new trailer for Disney’s Strange World. See it in theaters November 23rd! #GoTeamAspect
a: Grimcutty

No one is safe in our new 🔪 for Grimcutty. The fear begins October 10th. #Onlyonhulu
a: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

We couldn’t be more excited to share the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Multiplayer trailer! Really big thank you to our many friends at Activision and Infinity Ward for the opportunity to bring this to life!

Celebrating 40 Great Years

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