We Are Team Aspect

We are GREATER than the sum of our parts. We PUSH each other. We INSPIRE each other.
We NEVER BACK DOWN from a challenge. And we always swing for the fences.

We treat every project like a game-changer. We BELIEVE our clients are part of our team.
We solve the hard problems TOGETHER. We don’t leave anyone on the sidelines. We all win when one of us wins.

We choose taquitos for every pregame meal. We don’t do victory parades, we do happy hours.
We shoot nerf guns first and ask questions later. We are reigning cornhole champions.

We COMPETE every single day.
We GO BIG. Every damn time.
And we never stop CHANGING THE GAME.

Meet the Team

Lisa Feldman

Nati Braunstein

Jason Chappelle

Jon Berkowitz
Creative Director

David Wilson
Executive Producer
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Ryan Vickers
Creative Director
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Kyle Gascho
Director of Operations

Kate Thomas
Director of Culture

Steve Harris
Creative Director

David O'Rourke
Head Copywriter

Alison Sieh
Director of Music

Mark Futa
Director of Post Production

Melissa Sandoval
Chief Financial Officer

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a: Operation Monarch Launch Trailer

The battle begins tomorrow...Thank you to our incredible friends @activision for letting us in on Operation Monarch.
a: Unhuman Trailer

The dead will have this club for breakfast. Check it out on Digital June 03 @paramountpics @blumhouse
a: Escape the Field Trailer
Solving the mystery is only the beginning.
Check out Escape the Field -- now in select theaters and on demand. @lionsgate 
Wherever you come from, however you say it, the Asian Pacific American community deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated for all of their contributions to America. #TeamAspect is wishing you a happy APA Heritage Month!
After more than 40 years as a trailer company, Aspect is ready for a change. Starting this April, we are becoming a trailer company #rollteamaspect
On International Transgender Day of Visibility, we at #TeamAspect celebrate and empower the trans and non-binary community. Let's all continue to voice our solidarity everyday as the fight for trans rights and equality continues.


Celebrating 40 Great Years

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