We Are Team Aspect

We are GREATER than the sum of our parts. We PUSH each other. We INSPIRE each other.
We NEVER BACK DOWN from a challenge. And we always swing for the fences.

We treat every project like a game-changer. We BELIEVE our clients are part of our team.
We solve the hard problems TOGETHER. We don’t leave anyone on the sidelines. We all win when one of us wins.

We choose taquitos for every pregame meal. We don’t do victory parades, we do happy hours.
We shoot nerf guns first and ask questions later. We are reigning cornhole champions.

We COMPETE every single day.
We GO BIG. Every damn time.
And we never stop CHANGING THE GAME.

Meet the Team

Lisa Feldman

Nati Braunstein

Jason Chappelle

Jon Berkowitz
Creative Director

David Wilson
Executive Producer
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Ryan Vickers
Creative Director
Co-Head of Immersive Media

Ella Swenson
VP of Creative Production

Dougal Strachan
Head of Digital

Kyle Gascho
Director of Operations

Kate Thomas
Executive Director of Culture

Kelsey Dupper
Creative Director

Lauren Hutchinson
Creative Director

Mandy Mullarkey
Creative Director

Steve Harris
Creative Director

David O'Rourke
Head Copywriter

Pete Hasty
VP of Music

Mark Futa
Director of Post Production

Melissa Sandoval
Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Niford
Head of I.T.

Hugo Vergara
Director of Human Resources

Jeff Niford
Head of I.T.

Hugo Vergara
Director of Human Resources

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Hold on to your pants! The new trailer for IF is finally here. Thank you to our real friends at @paramountpics for letting us use our imagination.
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Before you head to the theater tonight to see #GodzillaXKong, crush your enemies with the Titans in Call of Duty #Warzone and #MW3! Shout out to our friends at @activision, always love collaborating! Kings will rule! 

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He’s all over the map! We can’t wait for you to see all the chaos along the way. Check out our trailer for #ConanOBrienMustGo, premiering on MAX April 18.
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Whether you enjoy mathematical constants or flaky desserts, Pi Day has something for everyone! Let’s celebrate by revisiting our trailer for 1999’s American Pie.
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Every second chance begins with a first step. Root for the underdogs and check out Johnny Knoxville, Bobby Lee, Theo Von, Kate Upton and the rest of this awesome cast in our newest trailer for Sweet Dreams. In select theaters April 12 and available on digital April 16.
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When you're lost, believe in miracles. Watch @ArthurTheKingmovie - only in theaters March 15.
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More MWIII Zombies?! Yes please! It's bigger, badder, and undead-er in Season 2 Reloaded! A new Rift, new challenges and more schematics to gather. Thank you to the @Activision team for another awesome collaboration! 

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Happy Women’s History Month from Team Aspect and our awesome women’s group, a: collective! We love our community groups and can’t wait to share more of the exciting things they’ve been up to. Stay tuned!

Celebrating 40 Great Years

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