Home Before Dark: Season 2

Hilde's Visions Compilation
Main Title Sequences Compilation

After the critical success of HOME BEFORE DARK Season 1, we were thrilled to return to Erie Harbor and the continuing story of young journalist, Hilde Lysiak. Showrunner Dana Fox, and Lead Editor Myron Kerstein were excited to have us to build on the graphic language we had developed during Season 1 that was used to visually express Hilde’s inner-world. These graphic sequences continued to be called “Hilde-Visions”. Often used to narratively support the story and add style, Aspect enthusiastically engaged in a thorough collaboration with the directing and writing team – often helping to fundamentally write the Hilde-vision scenes. The Hilde-visions were used to support character development, add a mature style to the show, as well as solve occasional narrative issues in post-production.
As with Season 1, Aspect was also asked to create 10 bespoke main title sequences for Season 2. We continued in this season to add unexpected visual clues in each title sequence, underscoring important plot points to the mystery Hilde is trying to solve in Erie Harbor.

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