Graphics: Treated Studio Logos/Main Title
Graphics: Main on End Title Sequence

Director David F. Sandberg knew from the start of our collaboration that he wanted moody, treated logos to begin his movie and get the audience directly into the tone of the film’s dark beginning. With some custom modeling, texturing, and lighting, we took the well-established studio logos and gave them an undeniable SHAZAM! treatment.

In the feature, Billy Batson (15) is imbued with magic powers and becomes a grown-man super-hero, “Shazam”, played by Zachary Levi. Billy’s foster-brother, Freddy Freeman, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, completely stole the movie in our opinion. So, we explored some ideas to play in Freddy’s imagination for the main on end sequence and luckily, David and his editor, Michel Aller, embraced the adolescent tone of our concept wholeheartedly. In the sequence, which we wrote, designed and animated, we dive into Freddy’s “journal” to view his adolescent fantasies and re-imaginings of scenes from the movie, as they come alive in a flip-book style animated sequences of his doodles.

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